Rejuvenation Therpy

RASAYANA (Rejuvenation): That which helps to attain the superior quality of tissues is known as Rasayana. The word rasayana is derived from two root words rasa and ayana. Rasa means dhatu/ojas and ayana means circulation, channels or space. Rasayana denotes all the approaches and measures which ensure improved circulation of rasa. Which keeps all the metabolic processes on a move, nourishes the body with best forms of dhatus. The drug which destroys old age and diseases is known as rasayana. Other benefits of rasayana are enhances immunity, promotion of vision, nourishment of tissues, enhance and preserve vigor and promote vitality, maintaining youth for a longer time. Rasayana is the elixir of body, mind and sense organs and helps to prevent diseases like motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsonism, epilepsy, aneurysm, stroke, paralysis, meningitis, diabetics, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, SLE, psoriasis, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, IBS, psychosomatic disorders and lifestyle disorders.

MARMA ABHYANGA (Therapeutic body massage)
Abhyanga (massage therapy) is the most commonly used panchakarma therapy for both healthy and diseased persons. It is the most ancient and simplest form of therapy for relieving pain. Anointing the body with oil, ghee etc. in a therapeutic manner is called as abhyanga. It prevents and corrects ageing process, nourishes and increases strength, helps to overcome sleeplessness and other mental ailments, promotes eye sights, pacifies diseases arise due to vata dosha, keeps skin healthy and alive.

Marma’s are the vital points that contain prana (vital energy). In marma abhyanga a slight pressure is given to the marma point while doing abhyanga with warm organic herbal oils. It helps to increase circulation, relieve body ache, strengthen the body, decrease stress and anxiety, improve muscle tone, remove toxins from the skin, eliminate chronic stress and anxiety and rejuvenate or relaxes the body.

Indications : Vatik disorders, Musculoskeletal disorders, Neurological disorders, Stroke, Paralysis, Sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular disorders, Sexual disorders, Joint pain, Joint stiffness, Gynecological disorders, Autoimmune disorders etc.

SAMVAHANA (Gentle massage)
Squeezing with gentle pressure after application of oil is called samvahana. It helps to induce sleep, relieves vatic and kaphaja disorders, relieves tiredness, normalize skin, blood circulation, and aphrodisiac.

Indications : Gout, Sleeplessness, Musculoskeletal disorders, Sexual disorders, Neurological disorders.

BASHPA SWEDAN (Steam bath)
In simple ways swedana is producing sweating in the body by various means and ways. Swedana relieves stiffness, heaviness, coldness and induces sweating. It is idle treatment for vitiated vata and kapha dominant diseases. As per Ayurveda, after considering the condition of the body suitable swedana should be done to the patient who has undergone massage in a place devoid of wind. Bashpa sweda is one of the most popular swedana used now days. In this type of swedana patient is advised to enter a steam cabin till enough perspiration takes place. Vapours can pass through a hole made on one side of the cabin. After enough perspiration takes place patient is asked to leave the room. . It helps to increase blood circulation, relieve stiffness, open skin pores, eliminate ama (toxins) and improve body complexion.

Indications : Bashpa sweda is indicated in Sciatica, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Paralysis etc.

SHIRODHARA (Third eye therapy)
Shirodhara is a procedure in which medicated oil, milk, butter milk, or decoction is poured in a continuous stream of drip on the head especially on the fore head. This procedure helps to increase blood circulation to the brain, pacify vata and pitta, improve the functions of five sense organs, relax mind, and increase the flow of prana (vital energy).

Indications : It is mainly effective in case of Psychosomatic disorders, Psychosis, Stress, Anxiety, Neurosis, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Facial palsy, Loss of memory, Hypertension, Head ache, Sleeplessness, Cerebral palsy, Insanity, Epilepsy etc.

TARPANA (Eye rejuvenation)
According to Ayurveda eyes are considered as the most important sense organ as our daily activities are depend on over vision. Netra tarpana is the nourishment for the eye by using medicated or plain ghee. In this procedure ghee is retained over eye socket inside a frame created with green gram or wheat flour for 20 -40 minutes. Netra tarpana helps to nourish tired, injured, rough eyes, increase blood circulation, improve vision, give freshness, strengthen muscles, nerves etc.

Indications : Refractive error, Glaucoma, Eye strain, Conjunctivitis, Dry eye syndrome, Stress, Corneal ulcers, Computer eye syndrome, Night blindness, Cataract, Ptosis etc.