Professionals Package

Executive’s and IT Professional’s Package: Two days – 1 week

Two days exclusive health package developed for the fast paced Executive and IT Professionals, those are continuously exposed to computer screens, prone to Computer vision syndrome, confined to sitting on a chair for long hours with prolonged use of fingers for operating keyboard leading to carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain injuries), working late hours without proper sleep, physical and mental stress of meeting deadlines and have untimely food. 

Package includes 

  • Free consultation with an expert Ayurveda doctor
  • Ayurveda body massage with Marma therapy and Aroma therapy
  • Herbal steam bath
  • Shirodhara
  • Spine and neck care treatments
  • Immunity care therapies
  • Netra Tarpana especially for eye care.

If you wish to have any specific changes in the treatment course we would be glad to make the changes to provide you,  your custom Ayurveda treatment (E-mail us)